Why We Manufacture in China

Chinese FlagThe knife world seems to be prejudiced against products manufactured in China. If a consumer sees that “Made in China” sticker, they instantly think of low quality, mass produced knives that won’t hold an edge and will break if they ever come under real stress. Many consumers entirely shun any products that are made in China, and knives seem to be an industry where this is happening the most.

The very first customer question we were asked when we launched the Patriot was “where is it made”? Our answer, proudly, was China.

Why? Well we decided out to set a different standard in the knife industry. It seems like you really have two choices with knives. Either you spend $10 (or less) and get a knife that was manufactured in mass in China with extremely low quality materials that probably cost less than a dollar to manufacture. Or, you spend a hundred dollars on a knife with top quality materials made in the USA or Japan. We didn’t like those two options, so we decided to create a middle ground. A pocket knife that was made with quality materials and high manufacturing standards, yet didn’t cost a fortune. When analyzing how to do this, we found that we really had two options. We could either:

  1. Make the “bottom of the barrel” American knives with the lowest quality materials and manufacturing process. Basically a knife that would cost $5 if it was manufactured in China, but it would cost seven times as much because it was made in the US.
  2. Find the highest quality knife manufacturer in China, and then partner with them to design a knife that has the highest quality materials available.

We chose option number two for obvious reasons. Rather than a marketing ploy to slap “Made in the USA” onto a cheap knife that is lower quality than anything that comes out of China (while costing much more), we decided to create a high quality knife at an affordable price for our consumers. We think you will appreciate this decision.

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