Why the Patriot is the Best Pocket Knife on the Market Today

What do you think about when you buy a knife? Do you worry about it holding up to the strenuous demands of your adventures? Do you consider the style of the handle, and how it will look as you carry it with you every day? Maybe you consider details like the length of the blade and the weight of the knife. More than likely, you consider all of these factors and more. So how do you know which pocket knife will be best for you?

When designing the Patriot, we knew that consumers already had more options than they could handle. There are over 157,000 pocket knives on Amazon.com alone. But only one of them is right for you.



Patriot Rock BackgroundEvery knife maker uses steel. They don’t all use this steel.

When steel was first invented millennia ago, it redefined the standards of knife making forever. The Patriot’s blade is made from 7CR17 blade steel, which further pushes the limits of what we all thought was possible. We knew our customers were going to be putting their faith in this blade, so we used a steel that wouldn’t let them down under even the most brutal of circumstances.





The Patriot Pocket Knife on GrassBigger than your problems. Smaller than your pockets.

In your everyday life you need your knife to handle enormous tasks. But you also need to be able to carry it unobtrusively. The Patriot strikes this balance perfectly with a 3.2 inch blade that is capable of handling your dirtiest work, and a lithe frame that slips easily into your pocket. At less than 4 ounces, you won’t know it’s there until you need it.




Patriot in a TreeAffordable. Never Cheap.

For the longest time, the knife industry has been happy making two kinds of folding knives. Those that could survive getting run over by a tank (and cost nearly as much as one), and those that cost less than a meal at McDonald’s (and last about as long). The Patriot fills this middle ground with its excellent design and ultra high quality materials and affordable cost. By exercising fiscal responsibility as a company and proudly manufacturing in China, we save you money and deliver an unstoppable knife at the same time.





The Best Pocket Knife Stuck in Wood

Razor Sharp Blade. Razor Sharp Looks.

Your pocket knife goes wherever you go. It’s a statement of who you are and the freedoms you believe in. You have to be just as ready to show it off at the bosses party as use it to skin a deer. With this in mind, we gave the Patriot a black and grey carbon fiber printed handle that looks even better than it feels.



The Patriot.

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